Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dinner prep

Kelsey and Poppy

Doing nail polish together at our park along the River.


Trying to sort her stuff. An ongoing challenge for all of us. She's a Grinnell student from NY.

Rod pulls cart

This cart arrived with our Missouri family and carries various things. Rod is a wonder - full of fun and always looking out for us. He's from CO and intended to stay a week. Once he got a taste of this crazy village, he's on board all the way to DC.

Andre carries earth flag

Our delightful Andre, Winnebago Indian marcher, carries flag along bike route along Mississippi today. What a beautiful walk!


Iowa City's own Jen Jordan, recycling expert extraordinaire, is marching with us to Chicago. Welcome aboard, Jen!

Fun welcome

Big wind!

Crossing Government bridge to IL

You can see big storm approaching as we leave the bridge and enter Illinois. Strong wind and very threatening sky. But we beat the torrential rain, and after a super rally inside tent, we were on our way.


Rally at Botanical Gardens just after crossing Mississippi to Rock Island. Sandwiched between Davenport and Rock Island mayors. First time we've received actual keys to their cities. A fantastic day! And we got there just in time to miss huge storm cell.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Marching into Iowa City

Many locals joined us for our walk into IC. What a great welcome: awesome potlucks, Hospitable home stays, fantastic rally at the Ped Mall and several other great events. Many thanks
To Physicians for Social Responsibility, 100Grannies, UUSIC, and everyone else who made it such a memorable two days. I also enjoyed a family reunion at David and Sandra's with Gay & Sheila, Don & Donna from Florida, and nephew Jeff and Donna. I'm so happy !

Watermelon seed spitting contest

Kathe and Izzy competing at this sport with delicious organic watermelon seeds. Izzy won.

At Scattergood

Shelter in barn

Just left Scattergood Quaker school near West Branch and a big thunderstorm descended on us. Nice farmer gave us refuge in this of barn. Just heard there's hail coming, so we'll stay put for a while.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hazel, 83

Our newest marcher going from Des Moines to Iowa City. A sheer delight!kd her goats and does organic gardening for farmer's market.

Iowa Capitol building

Site of yesterday's great rally.

Travelimg office

Here's Faith publishing the "Town Crier" (our daily newspaper) sitting on the parking lot with computer and printer. Nothing is easy here.

Solar ovens

Our four solar ovens cooking our donated lasagne for dinner tonight.

Mayoral speech - Des Moines rally

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Atmospheric Trust Litigation/Oregon

This beautiful young woman joined the March 3 weeks ago in eastern Nebraska. Kelsey,18, will be a college freshman this fall and wants to major in environmental science, but wants to go all the way to DC and is deferring the start of school. She is an absolute delight!

Kelsey is a co-plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state of Oregon asking for a scientifically viable carbon reduction plan that reduces co2 emissions by 6% each year. There are comparable actions in many other states. They are going through the courts because our legislative branches are failing to properly address the climate crisis. Her case was recently reversed by the appellate court to the Oregon trials court after being dismissed in 2011. These courageous young people are suing for the right to a livable and healthy future. Go Kelsey!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rolling Hills Organic Farm

Interesting and tasty afternoon here learning about this CSA enterprise on several generation family farm. Some Marchers will pitch tents here and others in nearby Atlantic in nice little park.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Crossing to Iowa

After walking through downtown Omaha, we held a rally and crossed over to Iowa. So glad to be HOME! See friends, family and wonderful supporters soon on 8/19 & 8/20 in Iowa City. Hooray!