Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Night in jail

The Zuni Pueblo gave us a warm welcome, and housed us in their detention center (picture of entryway below) for the night. I slept in a cell in a closed off area with the rest of the marchers. Bright light all night, hard bunk, too warm, but out of the wind. Not much sleep for me. We were taken to the tribal headquarters and met the tribal governor and vice-governor. High honor. The Tribal Council arranged for our dinner, breakfast (all at the detention center), and bag lunch on the road today. Very generous and helpful. Best of all, our timing coincided with the sacred spring Kachina Dancing festival. We were driven to the plaza and guided to the rooftops where we were bowled over by the sight of @ 100 Kachina Dancers in elaborate costumes doing their religious dances/ceremony. It was spectacular. They have very strict rules about not allowing photographs, so I can't show you how wonderful it was.

We also went to their museum and were blessed with an elaborate mural and their creation and migration stories. 99% of the Zuni have rejected the Catholicism brutally forced on them by the Spaniards nearly 4 centuries ago, and reverted to their traditional cultural religion. They are also the Native American culture which has retained their language, and are bilingual with Zuni and English.

What a rich experience!

17 mile walk today with colorful mesas surrounding us on all sides. I bought a piece of Zuni pottery (many of you know I love SW pottery) before leaving this morning, and will also send a picture if that. It's quite traditional, and was made by a young 22 year old female Zuni potter. A treasure I had shipped home to Gay for safekeeping.

Now into my sleeping bag. Will be in the 20's tonight.

Love and blessings to all.

Border crossing into NM

Preparing to do our border crossing ritual as we cross into NM. Scenery was immediately "enchanting"
just as advertised. We've walked around 750 miles now. Picture isn't good because sun was behind us.

40 mph winds

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snowy camp

After braving 50mph winds most of the day, the last couple of miles of our march looked like this. Unbelievable!

Now I'm snug in my tent and another round of precipitation is moving through. This time there's thunder & lightening and hail. A few folks piled in a car and drove to nearest motel for the night. Most of us are braving the weather. I hope it clears up tomorrow, as we have a 15+ day. It will take us into NM! YAY!

I'll be wearing most of my clothes to bed and hope to stay warm. One never knows what a new day on the Great March for Climate Action will bring. But we are now a lean, green Marching machine and our systems are working pretty well. No one has left that wasn't planned when they came. One guy from our LA days rejoined us this afternoon. It is always morphing.

Life in the One Earth Village is quite something. Plan to join us when you can.

For the Earth,

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Tuck & me

I met Tuck at our kickoff in LA 7 weeks ago. He's with the Pachamama Alliance, and after visiting our camp several times, joined us for 2 weeks. We (tuck and I) put on the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium for the Marchers, and they were as moved by it as those who saw it at UUSIC in Iowa City in January.

Everyone who spends time with our One Earth Village wants to come back because of the extreme nature of our adventure and incredible community spirit and mission, and so I expect we haven't seen the last of Tuck. Fortunately, his wife understands this former UCLA prof's passion for being involved and gives her blessing. He's become a dear friend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March Update

Mark and Karen, two environmentally aware folks here in NE AZ, invited us to stay on their gorgeous Mesa-top acreage. It is spectacular!

We haven't had a rest day for 2 weeks, and are pretty exhausted. Their landscaping is among the most creative and beautiful I've ever seen, and the modest home is powered by solar panels and two household-sized wind generators that were going like crazy in the 35mph winds when we arrived. Most of us slept in a large Quonset building out of the wind and cold. We get to stay here another night, and I had my first shower since Phoenix. Ahhhh....

FYI: Marchers have done programs at some schools and we talk with folks along the way who seem interested. We do not challenge or argue with "deniers," but listen respectfully and present another, more scientifically accurate view. Sometimes we are heckled like the man who yelled from his big truck, "it's weather, stupid. It changes."

Yesterday an older couple in a battered pickup stopped along the road to talk with us and we gave them one of our brochures and told them what we are doing. They in turn gave us a religious tract and told us Jesus is coming back and will save us from the calamity of climate change. They drove away, but returned a few minutes later and handed us $20. Was delightful.

We get feedback from those who are able to join us for just a week or so about what amazingly powerful and loving energy we carry. I know this to be true. Even with our differences there is a tremendous amount of caring and support. Our determination and dedication are impossible to convey.

Deb has come back after leaving to go home to Silver City. She planned to return in several months, but couldn't stay away. What a beautiful woman she is and what an asset to this ridiculously unlikely but game-changing mission. It is impossible, but we are doing it anyway.

Finances are a big challenge, and we are all joining in that effort. It takes $1000/day to move the "One Earth Village" across this land. If you can, please send your support to:
Climate March
1620 Pleasant St #249
Des Moines IA 50314

If you send a check, please put my name on the subject line. That way I can designate help to other marchers who haven't been able to raise enough money - particularly some of these remarkable young people.

Mary is writing a letter to Obama every day which we all sign, and our communications team is online constantly working with our "allies" and a supportive group of "virtual marchers." For those of you who are interested in following the March more closely, there are links to all of that on the website: climatemarch.org

I've lost about 15 lbs and am a bit concerned, but as a "Spirit Walker" I am walking between 10 & 18 miles every day. Hard to keep up with the caloric output and still eat a healthy diet. Much of our food is vegan, as that is best for the planet. I'm eating eggs & dairy because I seem to need them.

As I keep saying, there is no place I'd rather be and nothing I'd rather be doing, hard as it is.

My thanks for your loving support of all kinds,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuck & me

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Kim & Kathe

Two dear women who are part of this "family." Kim is a joyful, giving physical therapist from Des Moines, and Kathe is an upbeat, ever optimistic 72 year old from FL. Love them both!

Steve. Heroic Spirit Matcher

This guy (age 60 from KY) walked on crutches for a week with bandaged feet from badly blistered feet. The day before Easterhe walked 31 miles so he could neon Snowflake AZ for church Easter morning.

I cannot begin to tell you how passionately dedicated this community is. And how loving. I feel so blessed to be a part of this loving village. We call ourselves "One Earth Village."

Soaking my battered feet

Marchers oppose K XL pipeline

A video we made in solidarity with the "cowboy & India. Alliance who are in
DC right. Ow opposing the pipeline.   Find a way to join in this iconic struggle to end fossil fuel pollution, one of the major causes of climate chaos.  Thanks for what you do!
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Jimmy Betts
Jimmy Betts 11:29am Apr 22
Happy Earth Day! In solidarity with the #RejectandProtect: Cowboy-Indian Alliance in DC, the #ClimateMarch begins its first Day of Action with personal video statements to President Barack Obama opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Please send your 15-second video statements that start with "to info@climatemarch.org #NoKXL #pledgeofresistance #CMDay53. MANY Thanks to Benjamin Silesky, Bruce Nayowith, Anita Payne, and Rosa Zubizarreta for submitting their statements so quickly! Get yours in soon! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI08r4f3uaw
Climate Marchers Oppose Keystone XL
Starting on Earth Day, April 22nd, the Great March for Climate Action will host a five-day week of a...

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Parade into Payson

A terrific greeting and hospitality in Payson, AZ
as well as potluck and program. The mayor of Payson sent proclamation which the mayor (me) of "One Earth Village" (the name of our community) was presented with. Wonderful shot in the arm for us!

Elizabeth & Shanti

Delightful mom and 10 yr old joined for a week from Mass. Great energy and fun. Shanti is a real trooper.

List & found


Blue joined us for a day. He's been biking for several years, and was heading down the mountain to warmer weather. I'm glad to be up here as it was 98 in Phoenix.

Climbing Mogollon Rim

Long uphill climb yesterday. Difficult because of narrow shoulder and heavy traffic. Had to walk on uneven, mostly soft ground in ditch and my knees didn't like it. Views were spectacular when I could sneak a look.
Cold here at 8000 ft.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Logo on gear truck

Dancing Fools

Let's see if this works. They had a fantastic time dancing, and I did too - watching.

Party at ASU

LaLa and Dave swinging to live music at ASU where we stayed.

Exquisite and fragile


We are past the Saguaro now, but loved seeing these great sentinels of the desert for about 2 weeks in the Sonoran Desert.

New marcher

Mary joined us in Phoenix with Birdie, her darling dog. She is a great "mom" to her, and has a baby stroller for Birdie when she's tired. Mary is a free spirit whom I like a lot.

High style in camp

Trying to keep nats off using safety vest over head.

Today's March

After the fun of our rally in Phoenix, we marched for 3 days thru the city in mid-90's heat. Groan. Yesterday was 15 miles up into the mountains; cooler and spectacular, but a 2000 ft gain in altitude. Today another 15, but both up and down.

My foot is better due to the ministrations of an ER doc who joined us fora week with his wife. She's doing some group facilitation with us which is
Proving to be helpful in getting us focused on our message, goals and plans. We've been so busy marching and getting ourselves from A to B to C, that hasn't gotten enough attention.

Some marchers went to schools in Phoenix, and there are plans for several events in our next town, Payson.

Our mechanical strategies are working much better, and we are out of camp by 7am compared to 9 or 10 a month ago.

I'm missing 3 women who left us in Phoenix ; scheduled departures, and 2 will return later, but with our small, tight community it leaves a hole.

Today I discovered that my phone contacts have somehow disappeared from my (not-so-smart) phone. PLEASE send me an email or call and leave a message with your number. It is a dreadful development, because you are my lifeline and support.



9pm - bedtime. 4:30 comes mighty fast.

With loving thoughts and a grateful heart,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Four Peaks Campsite

About 2 miles from our destination today. Short 13 mi march. We'll gain 7,000 ft in next 3 days. Cooler days and colder nights. Heading for Payson , AZ next. Challenge ahead!

Tonto National Forest

Desert Beauty - fantastic walk today.

Ukraine Trip....Miriam Kashia.....Help !!!


I'm writing this with great grievance, My family and I came down here to Kiev Ukraine on a short vacation to visit resort. unfortunately we were robbed at the park of the hotel where we stayed,all cash and  credit card including cell phone were stolen away but luckily for us we still have our passports with us. My credit card can't be charged by the hotel as I already reported it as a stolen card and the card company had  canceled it, so I can only get a new one when we get back home.

We've been to the Embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and our return flight leaves soonest but we're having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager  won't let us leave until we settle the bills.Now am freaked out, I will really need your financial assistance.I promise to pay back as soon as we get back. Please let me know what you can do so i can proceed to give you all the details on how to get the funds to me here.

Thank You!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

On the road to Phoenix

Beautiful, cool day. Last night was in the 30's. Brrrr

Three of us shared a tent to keep warm and it helped. A few took refuge in hotels in Wickenburg, but not my style. I will spend tonight and rest day
Tomorrow with Judy & Tom Lien, old friend from jr hi. Bed, laundry, shower and good company.

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