Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March Update

Mark and Karen, two environmentally aware folks here in NE AZ, invited us to stay on their gorgeous Mesa-top acreage. It is spectacular!

We haven't had a rest day for 2 weeks, and are pretty exhausted. Their landscaping is among the most creative and beautiful I've ever seen, and the modest home is powered by solar panels and two household-sized wind generators that were going like crazy in the 35mph winds when we arrived. Most of us slept in a large Quonset building out of the wind and cold. We get to stay here another night, and I had my first shower since Phoenix. Ahhhh....

FYI: Marchers have done programs at some schools and we talk with folks along the way who seem interested. We do not challenge or argue with "deniers," but listen respectfully and present another, more scientifically accurate view. Sometimes we are heckled like the man who yelled from his big truck, "it's weather, stupid. It changes."

Yesterday an older couple in a battered pickup stopped along the road to talk with us and we gave them one of our brochures and told them what we are doing. They in turn gave us a religious tract and told us Jesus is coming back and will save us from the calamity of climate change. They drove away, but returned a few minutes later and handed us $20. Was delightful.

We get feedback from those who are able to join us for just a week or so about what amazingly powerful and loving energy we carry. I know this to be true. Even with our differences there is a tremendous amount of caring and support. Our determination and dedication are impossible to convey.

Deb has come back after leaving to go home to Silver City. She planned to return in several months, but couldn't stay away. What a beautiful woman she is and what an asset to this ridiculously unlikely but game-changing mission. It is impossible, but we are doing it anyway.

Finances are a big challenge, and we are all joining in that effort. It takes $1000/day to move the "One Earth Village" across this land. If you can, please send your support to:
Climate March
1620 Pleasant St #249
Des Moines IA 50314

If you send a check, please put my name on the subject line. That way I can designate help to other marchers who haven't been able to raise enough money - particularly some of these remarkable young people.

Mary is writing a letter to Obama every day which we all sign, and our communications team is online constantly working with our "allies" and a supportive group of "virtual marchers." For those of you who are interested in following the March more closely, there are links to all of that on the website:

I've lost about 15 lbs and am a bit concerned, but as a "Spirit Walker" I am walking between 10 & 18 miles every day. Hard to keep up with the caloric output and still eat a healthy diet. Much of our food is vegan, as that is best for the planet. I'm eating eggs & dairy because I seem to need them.

As I keep saying, there is no place I'd rather be and nothing I'd rather be doing, hard as it is.

My thanks for your loving support of all kinds,

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