Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today's March

After the fun of our rally in Phoenix, we marched for 3 days thru the city in mid-90's heat. Groan. Yesterday was 15 miles up into the mountains; cooler and spectacular, but a 2000 ft gain in altitude. Today another 15, but both up and down.

My foot is better due to the ministrations of an ER doc who joined us fora week with his wife. She's doing some group facilitation with us which is
Proving to be helpful in getting us focused on our message, goals and plans. We've been so busy marching and getting ourselves from A to B to C, that hasn't gotten enough attention.

Some marchers went to schools in Phoenix, and there are plans for several events in our next town, Payson.

Our mechanical strategies are working much better, and we are out of camp by 7am compared to 9 or 10 a month ago.

I'm missing 3 women who left us in Phoenix ; scheduled departures, and 2 will return later, but with our small, tight community it leaves a hole.

Today I discovered that my phone contacts have somehow disappeared from my (not-so-smart) phone. PLEASE send me an email or call and leave a message with your number. It is a dreadful development, because you are my lifeline and support.


9pm - bedtime. 4:30 comes mighty fast.

With loving thoughts and a grateful heart,

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