Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snowy camp

After braving 50mph winds most of the day, the last couple of miles of our march looked like this. Unbelievable!

Now I'm snug in my tent and another round of precipitation is moving through. This time there's thunder & lightening and hail. A few folks piled in a car and drove to nearest motel for the night. Most of us are braving the weather. I hope it clears up tomorrow, as we have a 15+ day. It will take us into NM! YAY!

I'll be wearing most of my clothes to bed and hope to stay warm. One never knows what a new day on the Great March for Climate Action will bring. But we are now a lean, green Marching machine and our systems are working pretty well. No one has left that wasn't planned when they came. One guy from our LA days rejoined us this afternoon. It is always morphing.

Life in the One Earth Village is quite something. Plan to join us when you can.

For the Earth,

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