Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Night in jail

The Zuni Pueblo gave us a warm welcome, and housed us in their detention center (picture of entryway below) for the night. I slept in a cell in a closed off area with the rest of the marchers. Bright light all night, hard bunk, too warm, but out of the wind. Not much sleep for me. We were taken to the tribal headquarters and met the tribal governor and vice-governor. High honor. The Tribal Council arranged for our dinner, breakfast (all at the detention center), and bag lunch on the road today. Very generous and helpful. Best of all, our timing coincided with the sacred spring Kachina Dancing festival. We were driven to the plaza and guided to the rooftops where we were bowled over by the sight of @ 100 Kachina Dancers in elaborate costumes doing their religious dances/ceremony. It was spectacular. They have very strict rules about not allowing photographs, so I can't show you how wonderful it was.

We also went to their museum and were blessed with an elaborate mural and their creation and migration stories. 99% of the Zuni have rejected the Catholicism brutally forced on them by the Spaniards nearly 4 centuries ago, and reverted to their traditional cultural religion. They are also the Native American culture which has retained their language, and are bilingual with Zuni and English.

What a rich experience!

17 mile walk today with colorful mesas surrounding us on all sides. I bought a piece of Zuni pottery (many of you know I love SW pottery) before leaving this morning, and will also send a picture if that. It's quite traditional, and was made by a young 22 year old female Zuni potter. A treasure I had shipped home to Gay for safekeeping.

Now into my sleeping bag. Will be in the 20's tonight.

Love and blessings to all.

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  1. What an amazing story you tell, Miriam! Hope you sleep well tonight--