Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This is the "Manifesto for a Livable Future that I wrote and delivered at the Albuquerque rally a few days ago. Please feel free to quote it. It is mine, not the March's, tho I wish it were.


  1. Hello Miriam,
    It's early morning and it'd be nice to be in the doing-of-dishes, packing up and puzzling over today's route. As it is I head to work in a bit.
    I don't find your Manifesto here... and would be interested to read it. Am I missing a link somewhere??
    I miss you and wish you well. I carry the group in my heart and hope for the kind of growth that builds on the groups strengths and mission -- all the way to DC. with care, Kai

  2. I tried to find your manifesto, too? Could you give me directions how to find it?