Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Democracy Spring March

Dear Friends and Family,
I am resurrecting the blog I used while walking across America in 2014 with the Great March for Climate Action.  Although the urgent climate crisis is still at the heart of my passionate activist life, this time I will be marching from Philadelphia to DC followed by sit-ins at the Capitol to raise awareness and demand that our legislators act now to restore the democratic process to "We the People."  

The 10 day, 140 mile walk is focused on 3 huge problems that are blocking progress on all the injustices (social, economic and climate) we have to solve. We must:

- Reverse the Supreme Court's Citizen's United that gave corporations the same rights as people and made money into free speech;
- Restore voter rights that have been systematically removed;
- Get big money out of our elections through massive campaign finance reform.

I am very grateful to those of you who are supporting my participation with Democracy Spring.org.  And I will use this blog to post my experiences along the journey. 

For the Earth,


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