Thursday, October 30, 2014

One more day...

Unless I turn an ankle or get hit by a truck today, I will have walked every step cross America from LA to DC. I can't believe I've done it, and I also can't believe it's over.

This is a piece I wrote at the request of our communications director for publication:

The Great March for Climate Action is nearly over; of our 3000 mile trek from LA to DC,, only 30 or so remain. But the real journey, to protect the future of life on Earth, is rapidly gaining momentum everywhere.

I feel bone-weary and ready to be done. And I also feel intensely sad about the dissolution of "One Earth Village," this rowdy, loving and passionate band of climate warriors. We have made it across the country against great odds and with enormous effort and dedication. I am proud to be a part of this diverse community who have supported and cared for one another and disagreed about nearly everything except our mission to inspire change in the hearts and minds and lives of citizens and legislators.

We will never know how many people we touched nor the impact we have had. We have seen, step by step, the devastating effects of climate change humans are creating. We have met the people on the front lines of the toxic practices of the fossil fuel industry. There are already millions of climate refugees across the world. We have talked with those in our own back yard. There are also those who ridicule us or simply say they don't believe "that hype."

We absolutely know we have each been transformed in ways that will continue to unfold as we continue walking our talk, talking our walk, fighting for climate justice and influencing the course of history.

I am bone-tired, sad, jubilant, and more committed than ever.

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