Saturday, October 11, 2014

Terry's story

Several years ago Terry Greenwood and his wife bought a farm and retired to Eastern Ohio. They had no idea that in 1922 the mineral rights had been sold. So when the oil company put a fracking well on their property, they had no legal recourse. Soon there was an "accident/spill" into a pond where Terry's cattle got their water. The EPA tested and said the water was safe. Several months later Terry's cows gave birth to 1/2 the usual number of calves, and every one was stillborn with cleft pallets and hooves, and without eyes. The EPA told Terry it was his bad farming practices or bad luck. A year leter, Terry was diagnosed with brain cancer and died soon after. More bad luck, I guess. We went to the Youngstown Chamber of Commerce, which is a big supporter of local fracking in the area, and silently stood for 5 minutes holding this sign. No one said or did anything. The police were called, but since we'd not broken any laws, they were courteous to us. When we left the building, I sat on a bench in front and sobbed. The citizens of Ohio and all over are suffering because of these practices. Children are ill in increasing numbers near frack wells, and people have no recourse. Then the carbon is spewed into our atmosphere, killing our oceans and causing over 100 species per day to go extinct. It has got to stop!
People don't want to hear the truth about what we are allowing the fossil fuel industry to do and what is happening to our planet. It's not a happy story and the outcome is going to be unimaginable. Not for our great grandchildren,
at some vague future time. It's happening now all around the earth. Please don't change the channel at this awful truth. Get involved. Join CCL or or your local clean water group. Action, I have found, is the best antidote to hopelessness and despair. I walk for Terry. I walk for the children. I walk because I cannot pretend this is not happening. I walk because humanity his facing the most urgent and devastating thing we've ever faced. Perhaps we can still halt it and reverse the worst impacts. But only if we do it now.

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