Saturday, October 11, 2014

The reality we face

As the Great March for Climate Action walks across the USA, sounding the alarm about the irreversible and catastrophic impact humanity is having on our planet home, we hear the stories from local people about the devastating impacts they are facing from the fossil fuel industry. The reality is: as we are already dealing with unprecedented impacts from greenhouse gases in our biosphere, coal, dirty tar sands oil, , and natural gas are being taken from the earth where they have been sequestered for millennia , transported, refined in extremely toxic industrial plants (we've spoken with some of the workers), and sold abroad for unprecedented profits. WWe may have up to 15 years to reverse this. We may already be too late. I have learned what the climate scientists around the earth are telling us, and it is all bad news. Yet we also see signs that people are waking up. Yesterday as I walked, a woman came out of her place of business and asked me why we were marching. When I told her she started to cry and said, "bless you. We must save our Mother." We held one another and cried.

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