Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Arriving at Energy Barn

Our focus in Nebraska has been on the transport of fossil fuels by train and pipeline. This is a Px of our marchers with about 40 local folks who marched with us in rural Bradshaw, NE, to Bold Nebraska's energy barn which I helped build last year in the path of the proposed KXL pipeline. It was great to revisit the barn and bear witness to the strong movement that has grown around it. Please lend your voices to stop this pipeline which has become the climate change poster child for halting the huge push by fossil fuel corporations to get as much dirty tar sands muck shipped from Canada across the US to refineries on the TX coast to ship overseas. Generations of family farms are being grabbed by "eminent domain" by a foreign country in the name of corporate profits, threatening the Ogalalla aquifer and risking dirty oil spills that the oil companies have no clue how to clean up. NO KXL in Nebraska! And now another pipeline is being proposed through Iowa. Please join the fight to keep this dirty oil in the ground to avert additional carbon pollution (ie: global warming) and risks to our land and water.

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