Thursday, July 17, 2014

Planting Peace Tree

We participated in a Peace ceremony last night at the Lutheran church where we camped. The man in the middle, Brian, is a member of the congregation who used to be minister at another church till he was"defrocked" for being gay. This church is the only welcoming church in Grand Island, and were delighted to have us camp on their lawn and use their kitchen. I saw Brian earlier at a Democratic platform committee meeting a couple of us attended. I'm hoping we were influential in our promotion of a stronger environmental protection plank. We marched 22-1/2 miles today - longest day to date - and are camped at an "Art Farm" where people come from all over to do their art for the summer. Several of them joined us for dinner. Wish I'd had more time to look around at some of the art installations. A very neat place.
Very short day tomorrow (6 mi) as we march to Bradshaw to the Bold Nebraska energy barn for a series of events. We're very excited about this collaboration. NO KXL Pipeline!

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