Sunday, July 6, 2014

Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR

Taken at the train station in McCook, NE as we participated in a direct action memorial for 47 people killed in Quebec a year ago today when the train derailed and the highly explosive oil exploded. We sat in the lobby and named those killed and rang a bell for each person - men, women, and children. Very powerful. I'll post the video when it's ready. We are participating in the "North American week to stop transport of oil by rail." Feels like things are heating up - literally and figuratively. Glad to be here at this momentous time in history.
For the Earth,

Walked almost 20 mi today in temps up to 99 and very high humidity. Sleeping in a/c Barclay, NE Community
Center tonight. Over 100 tomorrow and another long march. Brutal!

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