Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comments from section marcher

Kudos to the Great March for Climate Action!

These people are my friends, and my heroes. Great people doing a Great thing...a Great March...all the way across the United States...for Climate Action. Tough people, making a point.

I spent three weeks with the March recently. It was a profound time in my life. Relentlessly making our way across whatever terrain lay ahead. I was merely part of the support crew, helping these dedicated individuals make a point through the shear magnitude of their effort. Marching, waving, carrying signs, mile after mile, state after state. Participating. Doing something. Action!

Involved is how I felt. I felt involved in the Action. It was a good feeling and I still feel part of it. I recommend it! Get involved yourself and feel the feeling of being involved in Climate Action.

March, help the marchers, support the marchers and the Great March for Climate Action!

CB Genrich, Climate Marcher

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