Monday, March 31, 2014

Aguilla, AZ 3/31/14

We have made it thru the first month. It has been incredibly challenging, but also fun and personally rewarding. We have come from way behind (so to speak ) and have organized ourselves and made it happen from one day to the next. Amazing ! Approximately 350 miles. About 80 miles to Phoenix.

Here is an outline of my typical day:

5am - get up and pack up gear and tent
6 am - breakfast
7-8 - clean up camp and pack gear and kitchen truck
8am - start marching with others. Changes depending on speed of walking.
10am - meet Eco commode about 5 miles out and have a snack and water refill break and short rest
11:30 - lunch break eating what we packed (often fruit and peanut butter sandwich)
1 pm- rest stop with Eco commode. (Also called 'poopmobile') with water and snacks.
2pm - arrive at camp site and set up tents
3 - 5 - various meetings and dinner prep
6pm - dinner and cleanup
7 - music, social time or community meeting
9pm - bedtime

Also try to fit in time to check email, blog, do assigned chores, wash clothes, make phone calls, etc

I'm pretty tired after walking 15 (more or less ) miles and doing everything else. My current job is AM cook prep, so I have to get up at 4:45.

A list of comments I've overheard in camp;

- has anyone seen my (phone, hat, sunglasses, walking poles, etc )
- I can't find my crutch
- who took my lunch?
- how can I get on the. ( Facebook page, blog, virtual marcher site, etc)
- how many miles left to. (Break, lunch , camp)
- has anyone seen (John, Sarah, Liz, etc )?
- does anyone know what happened to my .....?
- I'm leaving. Who's ready to march?

My funniest move so far :
I was on breakfast prep, so it was still dark. I had to go back to my tent for something, and my headlamp and flashlight had both died. I found my way to the approximate location where my tent was standing , saw its outline by moonlight , unzipped the zipper , and almost stepped on Jeffrey who was still sound asleep. He woke up with a start, of course, thinking he was bring attacked by a rattlesnake. It was the best camp joke of the day !

Desert prep:
Dust devils

Only one rattler and one scorpion spotted in 3 weeks crossing the desert. However , we'll be here for quite a while yet , so there's still time .

Best thing: this wonderful group of people
Worst thing: hardly any personal discretionary time
Other hard stuff :
Blisters/ tired/ exhausted/ putting up and taking down tent every ten minutes. (or so
it seems )

Lekker Slaap (Afrikaans for. "Sweet sleep")

Miriam Marching

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  1. Miriam, I'm glad your journey so far is going well. This blog is doing a great job of conveying the trip!