Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't know what day it is

Another 15 mile day. Not as exhausting as it used to be. Met a biker from Big Sur who has been biking for a year all over the SW & CA hauling 150 pounds and his cat, 'Funtime,' who rides in a carrying case on his trailer. Interesting guy. We almost succeeded in recruiting him for the March!

We are camped near some RR tracks, but with infrequent trains. Not like the night in LA when a train went by every 15 minutes with whistle blowing right beside us.

We've been getting up at 5am to try to avoid the worst of the desert heat. Just a few more days in the Mojave, then we'll be in AZ heading toward Phoenix and the Sonoran Desert. That will probably be blooming more and hotter. Two days off in Parker AZ for r&r. I've managed to lose my tent fly which will eventually become a problem. Maybe Fin & Feather where I bought it can help me out.

We are finally getting time (and energy) to vote on our Articles of Governance, and hold elections for our Mayor, Judicial Committee, and City Council. That will be more important as new people join the March.

Otherwise.... It's just another day walking across America to change the course of history and save our species and all the others with whom we share this beautiful planet.

If you haven't, check out the website:

Blessings and love,
Miriam Marching

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