Thursday, March 13, 2014


(Bumped the send button) are being married here and we will have a reception for them. How apt and fun to celebrate a lesbian wedding on the March. I'm learning to expect success and the wonder-filled unexpected!

Speaking of parties, last night one of our marchers who lives near here arranged a potluck at an art studio (more like a surreal collection of artifacts and wierd objects dating back 50+ years. There was a really good rock band (even I enjoyed it when I got used to the decibels) and joyous dancing. The 10 or so young folks particularly had a wild and hilarious time. Yours truly even got into it- would you believe? We are having a great time despite the endless work and sore bodies and ubiquitous meetings.

We're leaving a string of newspaper interviews behind us, and collecting a small army of "virtual marchers" online who are helping us in various ways.

Going to go wash my clothes in my collapsible wash basin with biodegradable soap and put up my clothesline. It's @70, and the sky is blue, and in this place, at least, peace and love prevail.

When we reach the desert we will not have phone reception they say. Meet you on the other side.

With gratitude and For the Earth,
Miriam Marcher

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