Saturday, March 29, 2014

Salome, AZ

It's our weekly day off, so I have a tiny buy of breathing room. Life in this moving village is a tremendous challenge. I am leaner, stronger, and as passionate as ever. We all are. I think we have walked about 350 miles to date, and we are about 100 miles from Phoenix where there is a big rally planned.

I just went to a funky thrift store looking for some shorts because mine are falling off, and the owner, Vivian, gave me the ones I selected. People are awed and surprised and for the most part very supportive.

We stayed at a permaculture farm that raises mesquite the other night. The owner stopped beside our break truck the day before, and invited us to stay at his place. He and his wife live in a yurt which they opened to us. He fed us lettuce from his garden and got sweet corn and watermelon for us. The next night was at a jojoba farm. This is such an amazing and wonderful adventure. There is a U-tube of Ken and me talking with a couple of people beside the road changing a tire on their motor coach. I'll try sending it, but not sure I know how. We'll see.

One of our group led a Restorative Justice Circle this morning to deal with the fallout from too much partying at our previous town when one person had to leave the match to return to work, and two had birthdays. The young folks and a few if the older ones let down their hair a bit too much. The Circle was incredible in bringing everyone back together and resetting goals and intentions. I love these people.

The crew making the documentary, "The Race to Save the World" were with us for 3 more days. There has been a bit of resistance to their filming of us, but primarily the group recognizes they are working toward the same goal we are and want to cooperate fully. It is due to come Out in July, 2015. I'm excited about it!

I'm not sure I mentioned that I was elected mayor. It is a "ceremonial figurehead" position which is meant to interface with community leaders en route. We are trying to figure out a name for our traveling community. I proposed "One Earth Village." It will be good, whatever is chosen. Then I will be mayor of that town. Fun!

We've started using our solar cookers, and ate couscous salad and pineapple upside down cake cooked by the sun today. Most days we get to our campsite too late to take advantage of the sun.

I don't usually have time, energy, phone battery or internet connection to write, so I just send a Px now and then. Best way to reach me is my email:

Thank you for your interest and support. It means everything.

Miriam Marching


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  2. Mayor Miriam has a nice ring to it. I saw the video with the flat tire people on Facebook. I liked the story about the people giving you the shorts you selected - nice! Keeping you in my prayers.